Did you know that 20 percent of children from the ages of 2 to 11 have at least one cavity that hasn’t even been treated?

After a kid loses their baby teeth, they’re stuck with the same teeth for life. This is why it’s important for children to develop effective and healthy habits related to oral hygiene.

After their seventh Halloween celebration involving massive amounts of candy, the last thing they’ll want to hear is that 90 percent of their teeth have cavities. A child should be able to smile confidently far into late adulthood without worrying about the difficulties involved with getting premature dentures. Fortunately, there are many teeth brushing apps out there to help your kid get into the habit of caring for their teeth on a regular basis.

Keep reading to learn all about 5 teeth brushing apps for kids.

1. Brush Your Teeth App

Made by Concappt Media, this teeth brushing app is a wonderful tool for children to get in the habit of brushing two times a day. What’s particularly great about this app is that your child can pick one of several different animals that can brush their teeth alongside them.

Whether it’s a goofy horse or a cute and furry dog, everything is more fun when you can do it with a friend. It’s often best to learn a new skill by teaching it to someone else, which is why the app allows your child to choose what their favorite animal has eaten and then squeeze toothpaste onto the bristles of their toothbrush.

After your child has helped their animal friend, then they can do it too and brush together.

2. Disney Magic Timer App

If your child loves Disney characters more than they love animals, then they’ll go wild for the Disney Magic Timer tooth brushing app. Disney has a wealth of characters that come from all the movies and TV shows that have been made, such as Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, and even Star Wars Jedi Masters.

Your kid can pick from some of these iconic characters and then brush their teeth with them. The longer your kids use the app, the more characters they can unlock, which will give them an incentive to use it regularly.

Best of all, the app uses a timer so that kids can know how long they’re brushing their teeth for during each session. Both children and adults should brush their teeth for 2 minutes to ensure that every tooth is properly cleaned.

Keep in mind that because this app was made in conjunction with Oral-B and Crest, you’ll have to own their brand of toothbrush in order to use the app.

3. Luca Lashes eBook App

If your child simply adores storytelling and reading, then they may have already heard about the Luca Lashes eBook series which teaches children healthy brushing habits.

If not, this teeth cleaning app is a great way to enhance their brushing experience so that they can get excited about getting their pearly whites squeaky clean. The story involves Luca Lashes as he learns to brush his teeth, so your child won’t feel alone when they have to learn to brush their teeth as well.

Stories can speak to children and adults in profound ways. With this in mind, downloading the Luca Lashes eBook app can make your child feel like they are part of the narrative each time they brush their teeth.

4. Brusheez: Little Monsters Toothbrush App

Perhaps your child doesn’t care so much about Disney princesses, superheroes, and animals, then they might enjoy an app that features cartoon monsters. Your little sci-fi buff in the making will love brushing their teeth with weird, animated monsters.

Another thing that makes this tooth brushing timer app uniques is that the kids can customize their monster. By changing the cartoon monster’s hair and clothes, your child can have a monster that is uniquely theirs rather than something that is simply predesigned.

An added bonus is that the children are able to play with their monsters for a short while before they actually get into the business of brushing their teeth. Once they do begin the brushing, their unique little monster will guide them step by step while also singing to them and timing them for the recommended 2 minutes each session.

5. Brush DJ App

When it comes to teeth brushing apps for kids, you can’t go wrong with the Brush DJ app. Maybe your kid wants to be a dancer or singer when they grow up. Perhaps they simply love music.

The wonderful concept of the Brush DJ app is that it can connect to your iPad, iPhone, or another device so that your kid can dance in the morning and evening as they practice their oral hygiene routine.

Whatever their favorite song is, as long as you have it on your device, you can play it for them during the dentist-suggested time frame of 2 minutes of brushing. Additionally, you make a playlist with them so they can be entertained by multiple songs rather than the same one again and again.

Additionally, the app will keep your child informed about when its time to replace their toothbrush and even remind them of upcoming dental appointments.

Are You Ready to Use One of These Teeth Brushing Apps?

Now that you know all about 5 teeth brushing apps for kids, you can help your child develop the best oral hygiene habits so they can always have a shiny and healthy smile.

With regular cleanings and checkups, the experienced dentists at Webster Family Dental can ensure that you and your kid’s teeth are as healthy as can be. From cosmetic dentistry to emergency dentistry and more, we take pride in giving families confident and radiant smiles. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about our highly-rated services.