Extractions - Having a Tooth Removed

Extractions are one of the most common procedures done in the dental field. The procedure is done quickly, easily and can effectively help with a range of different oral-related problems. Before having an extraction done, the dentist will perform an exam as well take one or more x-rays to determine if an extraction is the best course of action for your specific needs.

What is a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction is a type of dental surgery that involves removing one or more teeth. Some people need to have a tooth removed because it is severely infected or has broken down to the point of needing to be removed. Other extractions are done to prevent future problems, such as the result of wisdom tooth extraction. Others need to have multiple teeth extracted before being fitted for dentures, or to have orthodontic work done.

Who is a Viable Candidate for an Extraction?

There are several reasons for why you might be a viable candidate for a tooth extraction. Some of the reasons you might be advised to have the surgery done include:

  • You have a tooth that is severely infected and decayed
  • A tooth has become broken or cracked because of decay or facial trauma
  • Multiple teeth need to be removed to make room for dentures
  • If you have impacted teeth under the gum line that are causing your teeth to shift
  • If you have wisdom teeth that need to be removed
  • You need of orthodontic work and are experiencing overcrowding of the teeth

What to Expect when Having an Extraction Done

The extraction procedure is relatively easy and quick. The area will be numbed for your comfort and the tooth is removed using a series of instruments. You should not feel any pain during the procedure, however you most likely will feel intense pressure in the area. The pressure is caused by the doctor having to rock the tooth out of the socket. Once the tooth has been removed the area will be flushed and cleaned and then gauze is placed on the area to stop bleeding. Sutures may be placed to close the gum tissue if there is a big enough incision. You will be sent home with aftercare instructions to promote healing and prevent any surgical-related problems. You will have a follow up appointment and the doctor will exam the area thoroughly to make sure everything is healing correctly.

If you need to have a tooth extracted, or would like to inquire more about this procedure, contact us today and one of our helpful staff members will be happy to assist you!