Dr. Closurdo

Dr. Closurdo


Dr. Closurdo was born in Michigan but spent most of her younger years growing up in Indiana. She knew early on that she wanted to be involved in healthcare, but it wasn’t until she graduated from Butler University and needed her first root canal that she realized she wanted to be a dentist. She attended Indiana University School of Dentistry in Indianapolis for dental school, and then moved to St. Louis to begin her career in dentistry. In the office, Dr. Closurdo is known for her singing, although we are all thankful she chose dentistry over Broadway for a career.


When she’s not working, Dr. Closurdo can often be found doing some sort of physical activity. She loves to lift weights, hike, kayak, and walk her beloved rescue dog, Hank. Since moving back to St. Louis, Dr. Closurdo has been enjoying exploring the food and drink scene around town.

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